Friday, May 2, 2014

Food Puns

Welcome to the first ever addition of Food Puns by the Crowdsource My Dinner Family.  Where I take pictures and add captions and you laugh.

First up the Mad Scientist has been working on canning a few things lately.
Actually, it's his mother's jam, but she gave it to us :)
He's also been working on voice activated dinnerware.  When he calls it, the cups runneth over.

Meanwhile, I learned that while the Mayan calendar has ended, I still believe that we are near to the end of the world...

I'm actually out of fajita seasoning, but you get the point.
When I'm not studying apocalyptic literature, I'm focusing on more temporal matters, like cleaning up after dinner.

In reality, I store my leftover food in reusable containers which is why a single roll of Aluminum foil has lasted over 3 years.
And of course, I'm trying to teach Littlest to adopt all my favorite past times, but he seems ambivalent.

Baby with ice cream... You're welcome.
Leave your favorite food pun below for a chance to be featured in the next addition of Food puns.  Whenever that might be.

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  1. It's not really a pun but here's a funny food story:
    I like my hot food piping hot, and Caleb thinks it's silly that I'll get up 2-3 times during a meal to reheat my food. He totally called it the other day--I took my dinner out of the microwave and joined him in front of the TV, but couldn't find my glasses and went looking for them. "By the time you come back, you'll have to microwave your food again!" he said. "Ha ha..." said I. When I came back, I tested the temperature of my food and got up to microwave it again. Caleb laughed, and I said "It's hot enough NOW, but it's not going to STAY hot enough." My devilishly witty husband's response: "I say the same thing about you!"

    I was able to give him a playful glare for about 4 seconds before I broke down laughing and admitted it was hilarious and I'd set it up perfectly for him. :)