Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Letter to Littlest: 10 Months

You are becoming so expressive. I sometimes wish that I could freeze time, so that I could remember everything.
Dear Kenny,

Today you turned ten months old.  You've officially been outside of me longer than you've been inside of me.  Of course, that's not entirely true.  In these ten months, you've wriggled into my heart and daddy's heart in ways that we never thought possible.  So really, you've been inside of me from the start, and you never left.

I never thought that I would be one of those moms who admire their baby's every accomplishment, who looks at every new milestone as a sign of precociousness, but I am.  With every passing day, I see your new tricks, the way you mimic and babble, and I wonder how you learned all these things, and I wonder at the ways that God has enlarged my heart so that I can love you more than I ever thought possible.

It's not just you who, I love more, but everyone; especially daddy.  Our God truly is an amazing God.

I don't know how old you will be when you first read this letter.  Maybe seven or eight.  I hope Google doesn't go under before then because I really have no idea how to back up a website. I suppose at that point, you will not care so much for these heartfelt emotions or for the words that make me tear up as I write them, because I know that my words will never be adequate to express mine and daddy's love for you.  Most likely, you will be more curious about yourself.

Today, Littlest, you are so wiggly, busy and fun!  In the past few weeks, you have started communicating with me and daddy.  For example when I say, "I love you, give me kiss," you lick my cheek.

Miss Amanda, who takes care of you swears that you said "Bye Bye, Daddy" when Daddy dropped you off last week, but I'm not so sure.  What I do know is that you babble on and on, and when you finish, you look at me or at daddy with those big blue eyes as if you expect us to respond.  We just shake our heads at you because that makes you giggle every time.

You are starting to understand when things are funny (at least to you), and you have the most adorable belly laugh.  Daddy recorded it on his phone.  I'll try to load it to our computer so you can hear yourself in the future.

And you love to play games with me and daddy! Your favorites are give and take (where we hand you a toy, you take it and then hand it back and repeat) and feed mommy and daddy (where you offer us soggy graham crackers and we pretend to take a bite).  

You understand to not pull books off the bookshelf, and you mimic when we say "So Big" and "So Little" and you speed crawl to us when we call your name (well you start crawling our way, but you usually get distracted by a toy along the way).

What else are you doing? Well, you can now pull yourself up on furniture, climb one or two stairs at a time, attempt to feed yourself with a spoon (your enthusiasm in the task is excellent, but your execution is still pretty poor), drink water from a water bottle, and you sign "More" although we are pretty sure that you don't understand this either.

Most of all you are on the move.  Like lots of babies, you are so curious about the world around you.  You want to put every rock, dirt clod and pine cone in your mouth.  You want to touch every book, every paper, every tool, and be constantly close to mommy or daddy (as if you can help us sweep, dig a ditch, cook, or do work on our computers).

You also have two teeth on top and two on the bottom.  Your hair is coming in a lot thicker and its turning a little bit red.

This month you got to go to a wedding in Washington DC, and we spent a lot of time in the Smithsonian Museum.  You seemed to like looking at the gems, just like daddy.  Nana and Grandpa and Auntie Greta came down to Raleigh to visit us, and we had so much fun with them.  They love you so much, Littlest.

Every day you are learning and growing, and I cannot believe it was just ten months ago that you were born because I feel like you've been a part of my life forever.

Your daddy and I pray with you and for you every day that you will treasure Jesus above everyone and everything else, and that you will be a lover of God and of people.

We love you so much in all the world,
Mommy & Daddy

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