Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grapefruit Smoothie

Grapefruit Smoothie
Delicious Grapefruit Smoothie

Attention everyone: grapefruit is a delicious addition to smoothies, and you should add it it to your next one.  Thank you.

This could be the end of this particular post.  And by adding a recipe to the end of this post, I run the risk of offending you.  After all, you may think that I think that you're an idiot.  Of course you know how to make a smoothie.  How dare I suggest that I am adding additional value to your life by suggesting what other items go into a smoothie?  You already know.

While we both know that you know how to make a smoothie, I have five reasons that you should continue to read this post through the recipe.
  1. Special announcement regarding my sister in law!
  2. Picture and explanation of the word Squajeema
  3. Tips on harvesting the fruit of a grapefruit
  4. Use of the word whiz
  5. Recycled pun to close the post

1. Special announcement regarding my sister in law: She's pregnant! Congratulations, we are so excited for you and to welcome your little one into the world!  When I was pregnant I loved grapefruit smoothies, and grapefruits are on sale at Aldi this week! (Em and I both love our Aldi).

What a cute fam jam! They'll be even cuter with a little squajeema!

2. The caption above used the word squajeema.  This means tiny, cute little baby.  See below:

Littlest as a squajeema!

3. Tips on harvesting the fruit from grapefruit.  Grapefruits have a lot of fibrous bits that don't taste very good.  I recommend that you cut the peel, skin and other fiber off of the grapefruit the same way you cut the skin off a butternut squash. Use a sharp knife, and don't worry that you might waste a tiny amount of flesh.  You will still have plenty.

Grapefruit debris
Remove all the peel, all the skin, and a bit of the flesh using a sharp knife

Then you can section the grapefruit for easy eating (or for blending into a smoothie).

Sectioned Grapefruit
Look at that fancy grapefruit!

Onto the recipe for number 4

Grapefruit Smoothie

1. One Grapefruit sectioned
2. 1/2 Frozen banana sliced
3. Cantalope
4. Sweetened yogurt
5. Milk

(Number 4) Whiz ingredients listed above (or others) in a blender, top with Granola if desired. Enjoy!

Em- since you have a growing (pun, she's growing a little baby) need for nutrients, this is a great way to get all those vitamins and minerals.  Maybe even add some protein powder if you've been lacking on that front.


  1. I think 'Squajeema' is an even better name for Beansprout than 'Beansprout'! :D

    1. Well Squajeema isn't so much a name as a classification :) You will probably call Beansprout Bean or Sprout or Beansprout even after you have a proper name.