Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ground Beef Stroganoff

Did anyone else find the winter Olympics to be a bit of letdown?  After about 6 days, I began to feel like, "I waited 4 years for this?"  Note- If I were better at emoticon grammar, I would have somehow inserted this face to the previous comment :\

To be clear, I don't blame it Russia.  After all they provided us with #SochiProblems which is a the cool younger sister to #firstworldproblems, but more hilarious as it involves a shirtless President Putin wrestling bears, bizarre communal toilets, and Bob Costas bravely fighting pinkeye.  Russia also proved nothing beats Eastern European humor when they  the Russian Police choir bravely took on Daft Punk and the entire country showed that they have the ability to take a joke. Those were meant to be jokes, right?

The problem with this Olympics is that the NBC story line failed, at least if you are a huge fan of America (insert pickup truck and Eagle tattoo here).  Pretty much every single athlete highlight that I saw was for an American who didn't medal.  In NBC's defense, I will admit that I averaged about 45 minutes of coverage before falling asleep.

Anyhow, inspired by the recent close of the Winter Olympics, I am posting a recipe for ground beef stroganoff.  I can't decide if the use of the word Stroganoff is complete butchery of the term or only mild abuse.  Here's a Wikipedia article, you can decide for yourself.

I started to use ground beef rather than the more traditional beef cubes when I promised beef Stroganoff to Rob only to realize that I had only ground beef in the freezer.  I actually like it more.

The rest of the recipe started as the recipe that came from my mom.  We always ate stroganoff with egg noodles.  The salad is not a traditional side, but this food is so incredibly unphotogenic (I'm not a good photographer anyhow) that I had to do something to help out the plate.

To help out the post, I'm including a picture of my son. He's adorable, even with snot dripping down his face.

And onto the recipe.

Ground Beef Stroganoff

1lb Ground beef (80/20 is best)
2T Butter
2T Ketchup
1C Beef Broth (I use bullion)
3 Cloves Garlic Minced
1 Medium Onion Chopped
8oz Fresh Mushrooms sliced
3T Flour
1C Sour Cream

1. Melt Butter and garlic and onions. Cook until add onions are transluscent
2. Add mushrooms in batches (as Julia Child says, "don't crowd the mushrooms")
3. Add beef and ketchup and allow beef to brown
4. Slowly add Beef Broth and flour and allow to simmer for 15-20 minutes (stir as frequently or as infrequently as you prefer)
5. Stir in Sour cream, and heat through
6. Serve with Egg Noodles

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